Buying Guide

What do you look at in buying an RV. I see people at the RV show and they really don’t know what to look at.

Tow Vehicle
First is if you are buying a trailer or fifth wheel what can your truck pull? No extra shocks won’t increase your towing weight and no other addon’s will.

First walk into the bathroom and sit on the toilet seat. Can you do your business with the door closed? Go into the shower and close the shower door or curtain. Pretend you are showering and see if you have enough room. Next look at what you want to store in the bathroom, soap, shampoo, towels, toilet paper, medication etc. Is there storage in the bathroom for what you want to store in it?

Lay on the bed and lay like you sleep. Can you sleep? Is there room at the end of your bed for your feet to hang off. Is there room to make the bed? Where will you put you eye glasses, watch or rings. Is there enough room for your clothes and shoes? Are there any drawers for socks and underwear? Where will you store extra blankets and coats?

Bunk House models are great but how long will you keep the RV? A twelve-year-old will be adult size, will they fit on the bed? Where will you kids store their closes?

Kitchen and Dinning area
Will all of your family fit at the table? Is there an oven? Is there a place to put pots and pans? Where will you put utensils? Where will you store food?

Sitting and TV Area
I the TV in a place where you can see it? Do you have to look to the side of the couch to see the TV? Do you have to look up to see the TV? Can you all sit?

Outside the Trailer
Is there two axels? Two axles keep the trailer from fishtailing and are more stable. Is the jacks on all four corner’s attached and are they electric or manual? Is there outside storage? On board generator or will you have to bring one? Where will you put your camp chairs?