Family RV Camping

Camping is a great family activity for all ages.

We took our six week old daughter. A tote makes a great bath tube. Some of the advantages of RV camping is that you can keep your RV pack and the only thing you need to load before each trip is food. Many food items we keep in the RV and just replenish them after each trip.

People say that hotels are better, well we have camped places where there are no hotels. Have you ever wondered if your hotel bed has clean sheets, bathroom counter has been cleaned, toilet seat cleaned, someone sat naked on the couch or who has had the pillow your head is laying on between there head? I don’t worry about any of those things in my RV. After each trip we take out the dirty cloths and linens out, wash them and then put them back in.

Sitting outside on the picnic table making breakfast is much better than hotel breakfast. Making a picnic and going exploring is better than finding a fast food place. We went fifteen days to the Redwoods and traveled south to San Francisco and ate out two nights in San Francisco only. Playing games or sitting at the campfire at night and enjoying each other’s company rather than trying to find a place to eat and get back to the hotel. The list is endless.